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What is a Glass transfer painting

Music by the great saxaphonist Nick Brignola



Glass Transfer Painting is a practice dating back to the Middle Ages in which paint is applied directly to glass and viewed from the unpainted side.  Since a painting on glass is very fragile I use a technique invented by the artist Robert Cartmell for transferring the painting from glass to paper or canvas.  This is a process in which the back of the painting is adhered with polymer to paper or canvas and left to dry for twenty-four hours.  It is then submerged in a bath of water and after a short time carefully lifted away from the less adhesive glass.  What interests me most about Glass Painting is that my first impressions and marks are nearest the surface.  Because in Glass Painting you work from the foreground to the background, the underpainting is added last creating new possibilities for unifying and deepening a composition.  It is like turning a painting inside out.

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